Friday, April 9, 2010

Let The Revolution Begin!

 In 1775,  The American Revolutionary war;against Great Britain,began. The history behind this war hasn't changed. The results of it have drastically changed though.

 It's hard to see this change in everyday life unless we sit down and really think the thing through. I'm not pushing a political agenda here,rather,a problem with the fiber of what was fought for and won....freedom.

 Today,we take our freedoms and all the blessings they carry with them for granted.

 A prime example is that of our health. What more precious freedom can we exercise than to take car of the bodies that God has entrusted us with?

 According to the 2000 census, childhood obesity has come to near epidemic proportions. Have we seen anybody try to rein it in?

 Despite your political persuasion, First Lady Michelle Obama has stepped up to the plate (figuratively and literally) in tackling obesity head on.

 Growing the first White House vegetable garden,in decades, Ms. Obama has been the lone American in the forefront of this crusade.

 Hold the phone though. An unlikely source has come to put an even more public face on this problem. Enter please!

 There he is,adorned in his pinstripe chefs apron, Jamie Oliver of the Food Network has started his own Food Revolution. Yes, a Brit is now coming to America to start a revolution in and of itself.

 This time it's Jamie Oliver instead of Paul Revere saying, "the British are coming,the British are coming."


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