Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Love To Tell The Story

  My sister came in the other day with a family tree. Not the type you cut for wood,but,one of our families genealogy. To say the least,it was quite interesting,but,showed a startling but well known fact to family members. Our surname will die wit this generation.

  That's right,no more Davis' from the time we pass for eternity. Sixteen generations,going back to 17th century England,will be but a footnote in cemeteries around the world.

   Needless to say,this got me to thinking. How many families share with their children who their relatives are and were? Do the parents even know? If the answer to both questions is no then something has gone terribly wrong.

  If we don't  know where we came from then how can we possibly make future generations proud of who they are?

 This very point leads to a lot of suicides each year.

 Hmm,sounds strange to me,you might say. Not really. One of the main causes of suicide is low self-esteem. I pose this question to you. How is it possible to raise children with high self-esteem if they don't know what to be proud of.

 Some achievement,or some person in their family,to point to (outside of the parents) and say "I want to be just like them". To feel a sense of pride in who they are and what is possible for them to accomplish.

  If you haven't thought about this then maybe you need to. After all,don't you want to be responsible,and feel that sense of pride,knowing you have been entrusted with and are sharing your own family story?

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