Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Family or Fatty?

   Let's be realistic,the home should be the center of family life. I know,that sounds like a giant "Duh". Is it really?

   Over the years our families have had more pressure put on them by outside forces. Many of these pressures are self imposed,they exist nonetheless.

 Let's just take one example.

 The majority of families,worldwide,don't sit down and have one meal a day together. What should be a time of sharing,caring,and just discussing what is right/wrong with one of the people we are closest to has been lost.  Oh,the excuses vary. Mom or Dad had to work late. I have a game tonight or the ever popular "I lost track of time".

 All the while,we have no idea why we are raising a generation with such diseases as Juvenile Diabetes. You're probably saying, "I didn't know their was such a thing when I was my childs age".

 It's time to wake up and smell the coffee!

 We have an epidemic of childhood obesity starting in this country. Is that anyway to be an example for the rest of the world? Well,guess what? The rest of the world is following in Americas footsteps.

 So,you wonder where it all began. Just have lunch with your child at school one day.

 Processed meat,chocolate milk,etc.,etc.,etc., Then the leave it behind them,literally.

 Then when they get home it's a steady diet of video games,computer time and television.

 Fortunately this problem is starting to be addressed by the least likely of people. Discover who ,and what he's doing,next time.

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