Monday, March 29, 2010

What Makes Us Great?

   Have you ever wondered what makes you the person you are? What exactly goes into the makeup of that awesome creature, "you".

   Before each one reading this gets to modest let's be truthful and admit that we all,in our innermost beings,think of ourselves as "awesome". Rightly so.

 If we don't have self respect and a healthy self love of ourselves then we are in danger of doing two things:

   1: We diminish our self worth in our eyes.

   2: We diminish our self importance in the eyes of others.

  These two obstacles can lead to an entire array of problems. 

  That big job interview goes badly. The raise we were striving for at work doesn't go through. We put off that big adventure that we had always drempt of.

  Worst of  is the effects a low self-esteem has on us personally.

  Relationships start to fall apart. We lose the job we've had for years due to poor work habits and sloppy production. Our physical and mental faculties are corrupted with disregard of our personal appearance,and worst of all, we tend to think of ourselves as useless.

  Charlie "Tremendous" Jones,once said, "Their are only two things that will make you different five years from the person you are today; the people you meet and the books you read."

  How true that is. The group of friends you hang out with determine how high you'll soar or how low you'll nosedive. Someone once said, "You can't soar like an eagle and run with turkeys". Are you soaring with eagles or running with turkeys?

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